Gasherbrum-I/II Expedition 2018

Other names:   Hidden Peak, K5
Elevation:         8068-m (26,509 ft)
Ranked:           Ranked 11th 3rd in Pakistan)
Location:          Karakorum- Baltoro Skardu
Latitude:          35° - 43 N
Longitude:       76° - 42 E
BC height         5000-M
First ascent:     July 5, 1958 by an American team
Other names:   K-4
Elevation:         8035-m (26,362 ft)
Ranked:           Ranked 13th (5th in Pakistan)  
Location:          Karakorum- Baltoro Skardu
Latitude:           35° - 45 N
Longitude:       76° - 39 E
BC height         5000-M
First accent:     July 8, 1956 by an Austrian team

Duration: 60 days 
20.06.2018 to 13.08.2018



Trek to Concordia 4-5hrs 4700m

Drive to Chilas 11-12hrs

Trek to Gasherbrum base camp

Drive to Skardu 8-9hrs
 (39 days for climbing)

Drive to Askoli 6-7hrs 3000m

Trek down to Askoli or Hushe

Trek to Jhola 5-6hrs 3200m

Drive to Skardu 6-7hrs

Trek to Paiyu 6-7 hrs 3450m

Drive to Chilas 8-9hrs

Free day in Paiyu

Drive to Islamabad 11-12hrs

Trek to Urdukas 6-7hrs 4050m


Trek to Goro-II (5-6hrs) 4380m

Fly back 

   Services included list
Climbing permit fee 5400U$ for GB-1
Climbing permit fee 5400U$ for GB-2
Islamabad: Embassy Lodge, Chancery - Heritage Lodge
Environmental tax 200U$ for GB-1
Chilas:  Midway Shangri-La   
Environmental tax 200U$ for GB-2
Skardu: Concordia Motel- PTDC Motel   
Liaison officer wages & equipment (Kit)
Transport: Islamabad- Chilas- Skardu- Islamabad
Additional royalty fee 900U$ for GB-1
Pick and drop from airport to hotel, airport
Additional royalty fee 900U$ for GB-2
4 X4 Jeeps: Skardu, Askoli and Hushe to Skardu
Arrange welfare meeting with Alpine Club
Camping Food: Askoli, Gasherbrum BC, Hushe
Bridge crossing, cable crossing, camping fee)
28 days in base camp
Staff:   Guide, cook, assistant cooks 
Porters: Askoli, Gasherbrum BC, Askoli/Hushe
Camping Equipment D3V sleeping tent, mess tent, 
kitchen tent, store tent, toilet tent, shower tent, mattress, chairs, tables, complete Kitchen utensils (crockery)  

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