Shimshal Chafchingol Pass Trek 2018

 Range:         Karakorum
 Duration:      21 days                                              
 Altitude:        5300M
 Region:        Shimshal                                     
 Grade:          Strenuous       

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Shimshal valley is situated in one of the remotest part of North Pakistan Karakorum Range.Shimshal was isolated till 2002, north frontier works organization and private NGO,s built link road from Passu (KKH) to Shimshal valley. Shimshal Chapchigal Pass trek & climb Minglic SAR 6050m is similar mini expedition and strenuous trekking over Chafchingol pass to KKH Kuksil. There are several virgin peaks around the valley also trekking routes leads to different valleys e.g. KKH, Hisper valley, Pamir valleys and Biafo glacier over Kurdopine pass. The trip starts from Islamabad via the legendary Karakorum Highway to Passu (upper Hunza) and from KKH jeepable leads to Shimshal.

Day-01     Islamabad/Rawalpindi   
Day-02     Drive to Chilas 11-12hrs 
Day-03     Drive to Karimabad 6-7hrs  
Day-03     Attaabad Lake- Gulmit - Shimshal
Day-04     Trek to Frizin
Day-05     Trek to Furizin 5-6hrs
Day-06     Trek to Arbab Parian
Day-07     Trek to Shuijerab 5-6hrs
Day-08     Trek to Shimshal Pass 
Day-09/10 Two days for Climbing       
Day-11      Trek to Arbabpurian 4-5hrs
Day-12      Trek to Miadur 4-5hrs
Day-13      Trek to Shpozin 5-6hrs
Day-14      Trek to Madiqshligh 4-5hrs
Day-15      Trek to Warban 4-5hrs
Day-16      Chapchigol BC
Day-17      Chapchigol Pass 5300m-KKH - Karimabad
Day-18      Fully explore Hunza valley
Day-19      Drive to Besham 9-10hrs
Day-20      Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs
Day-21      Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight

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