Himalayan Lakes Jeep Safari

Deosai National Park is at an average elevation of 4,114 meters (13,497 ft) above the sea level, making the Deosai Plains the second highest plateau in the world, after the adjacent Tibetan Plateau. The park protects an area of 3,000 square kilometers (1,200 sq mi). It is well known for its rich flora and fauna of the Karakorum West Tibetan alpine steppe ecoregion. In the spring season it is covered by sweeps wildflowers and a wide variety of butterflies.
Deosai plateau offers the beautiful view of Karakorum Mountains, are having a magnificent view of high Plateau, after a few hours walk get on jeeps to Kala Pani. The 2nd overnight at world’s highest Deosai Plateau are unique, because it lies among the two great mountain Ranges, the west end of Himalayas and center of the Karakorum. Over night with beautiful surrounding hills and snow capped mountains.
Day-01             Islamabad/Rawalpindi 
Day-02             Drive to Chilas by Karakorum highway
Day-03             Chilas- Astore- Rama
Day-04             Excursion to Rama Lake
Day-05             Rama- Tarishing
Day-06             Excursion to Upper Rupal valley 
Day-07             Drive to Shoucer Lake
Day-08             Shoucher Lake- Deosai
Day-09             Drive to Satpara Lake 
Day-10             Drive to Shigar visit Shigar Fort 
Day-11             Drive to Karimabad (Hunza)
Day-12             Visit Baltit & Altit forts  
Day-13             Gulmit- Borith Lake
Day-14             Drive to Punyal
Day-15             Drive to Phandar  
Day-16             Drive to Chitral  
Day-17             visit Birir, Bumburet and Rumbur valleys  
Day-18             Fly to Islamabad   
Day-19             Islamabad  
Day-20             Fly back 

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