Around Nanga Parbat Trek 2018

D-01 Islamabad/Rawalpindi
D-02 Drive to Chilas 11-12hrs
D-03 Drive to Tarishing
D-04 Trek to Herrligkoffer 3550m
D-05 Rest day in Herrlingkoffer BC
D-06 Trek to Shaighiri 3655m
D-07 Trek to Mazeno BC 4050m
D-08 Trek to Mazeno HC  4700m
D-09 Upper Loiba- Mezeno La 5399m
D-10 Trek to Loiba Meadows 4000m
D-11 Trek to Upper Jale 5-6 hrs 2800m 
D-12 Trek to Kutagali 3-4 hrs 4km 3100m
D-13 Trek to Shaichi 5-6 hrs 2600m
D-14 Trek to Gutum Sagar 5- 6hrs 5km 3500m
D-15 Trek to Beyal 5-6hrs 6km 3500m
D-16 Excursion to Nanga Parbat base camp 
D-17 Trek down to Riakot &  Chilas   
D-18 Drive to Islamabad 11-12hrs
D-19 Fly back

Islamabad: Embassy Lodge- Chancery- Heritage Lodge
Chilas:  Panorama hotel- Midway Shangri-La- Chilas Inn    
Besham: Besham Continental- PTDC Mote   
Transport: Islamabad- Chilas- Astore- Islamabad                              
Jeeps:  Astore to Tarashing /Tato village to Raikot Bridge
Camping Food: Tarashing to Fairy Meadows
Porters: Tarishing to Fairy Meadows, Tato village    
Porters, wages, food, equipment, transport, and their insurance
HGP Staff:Guide, cook, assistant cooks ,Wages, camp food, transport and their insurance
Camping Equiment: D3V sleeping tent, Mess tent, Kitchen tent, Toilet tent, Matress, Chairs
Tables, Kitchen utensils

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